Humility Is What Makes You A Human: Living A Life Easier

Staring at many people, some doing sports, some doing a family gathering, some just having a chit-chat with friends, some taking 'selfies' or 'welfies', and there is one or two elder people who are unfortunate being a beggar and homeless. At some point, I am questioning myself, "are they don't have a child who should take care of them in their old age?"/ "Are they don't have brother or sister who should help them?"/ "maybe in their past, they are actually a businessman who faced bankruptcy and have nothing to improve their life?". Yeah, we will never know what will happen in our life right?

I believe people like them, are everywhere and we must be thankful for whatever position in life we were on right now. Sometimes too often look up makes us forget to also look down to remain to be a person who is always grateful for what we have earned.

Nowadays, as one of the side effects of social media and technology, people are increasingly competitive, attention-seeking, narcissistic, obsessed with their appearance and entitled. But hey, you need to know that no one likes dealing with egomaniacs. There are few things as off-putting as people who view themselves as being better than others or above the rules.

Chinese Proverb - Humility
Well, humility is a wide topic and I would like to specify this article to get the most important about being humble and be the real human. Humility is an asset for self-improvement. By remaining humble, you are receptive to opportunities to improve. If I suggest a way you might triple your business, you have to accept the possibility that your current way of doing things is costing you two-thirds of your potential revenue. Only with humility can you allow this incredible advice to sink in.

A new study, though, underlines ways in which being humble can help us improve our lives (by psychologist Pelin Kesebir in 2014). Kesebir explained that "Humility involves a willingness to accept the self’s limits and its place in the grand scheme of things, accompanied by low levels of self-preoccupation".

Beyond personal success, humility is also a virtue for inner well-being. Frustrations and losses don’t have the same impact if you don’t get your ego involved. If you combine humility with motivation, you have the ability to drive towards successes without letting the failures knock you out of balance.

It’s in this sense that humble confidence isn’t an oxymoron. If you are skilled at something, you can be confident in your level of success, but also humble enough to realize there is still a great deal of room to advance.

C.S. Lewis Quote - Humility Concept

I understand that the frustrations of being a beginner at anything can make the desire to be confident urgent. When you haven’t built up skill, the failures can be ego-bruising and painful. The response to this is the desire for more confidence. But, I believe this desire is often misguided.

Humility leads to faster improvement. More importantly, staying humble allows the temporary frustrations to fall off. Trying to maintain a false confidence often may build temporary successes, but it makes every failure harder to recover from.

Humility is not something we finally achieve, it is something we seek and demonstrate each day. Here is the list that I have got by doing a little research on google and seems pretty good to be applied in our life.

  • Humility is a commandment of God for every believer.
  • Humility soothe the soul (Instead of erecting self-defenses against death, humble people tend to find it provides a useful perspective on life and how it should be lived)
  • Humility makes people excellence in leadership (Humble leaders are not only better liked, as you might imagine, but they are also more effective)
  • Humility makes us more childlike, but not childish (meaning humble makes us teachable, like a little child)
  • Humility means higher self-control (studies have found that an obsession with the self can paradoxically lead to lower self-control. The humble, though, because they place less importance on the self, exhibit higher self-control in many situations. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that humble people tend to know their limits)
  • Humility leads to a better work performance (The humble not only make better managers, but they also make better employees)
  • Humility shows gratitude (when we are truly grateful and thankful, we will have humility)
  • Humility makes us more helpful (Humble people are, on average, more helpful than people who are conceited or egotistical. Unsurprisingly, humble people have also been found to be more generous.)
  • Humility makes us less prejudice (One of the characteristics of being humble is having a low sense of entitlement. Humble people don’t think they are owed things. This leads to a less prejudiced view of the world, encouraging them to be tolerant of others and less defensive about their own beliefs)
  • Humility makes weakness become a strength (our weakness help us to be humble. Humble people may have better relationships because they accept other people for who they are)

I realize the irony and hypocrisy of writing an article about humility. Just by writing, it presupposes I’m an expert. I’m definitely not. I try to keep confidence in perspective while maintaining humility, but it isn’t easy. Often I fail.

Saint Augustine - Humility

- A great man is always willing to be little - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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