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Are you unemployed, between jobs or looking chances to step up into another position in another company? Or you are constantly sending resume to recruiters or companies website and did not get any replies? Or you have already optimized your LinkedIn profile as good as many LinkedIn expert says and you did not get any response yet? If so and you’re not getting job offers via LinkedIn then this article is definitely for you. 


Part 1. Understanding how helpful headhunter is.

When days of sending resumes turn into weeks and months without a phone call or interview, it might be time to turn to a professional. Headhunters are always been there. I myself experienced many times getting myself headhunted and in contact with so many headhunters from may companies and I think they are really keen and helpful. 

Before you dig deeper, you need to understand what is headhunters and why you need them. Remember, All headhunters are basically recruiter, but all recruiters are not headhunters. Because being headhunters is way more complicated than what recruiter does. Then, what is the gap between them? Simply, headhunters handle at least 6 basic responsibilities: as a sales, a career counselor, a consultant, an advisor, a fact-finder, an archaeologist, or even a shrink. 

Part 2. Where they work and working for?

Mostly they join a firm and a few of them are working directly from home. When it comes to headhunters who join a firm, it matters to understand their specialization, the type of firm, the credibility, the networks, and the services of course. To be honest, headhunters are working for their clients, who asked them to find the right candidates to fill certain vacant positions.

Part 3. The company has their HR/recruiter, why they still need headhunter?

Here is the analogy, company hire people for 2 reasons, whether to earn more money or to save money. And the process of hiring the candidates consume money a lot especially when they need to fill executive levels. 

Generally, recruiters at corporate levels take too long time to place senior positions for the roles as they lack headhunting skills because these hard to find candidates are not so easily available on job boards as well as on social sites. 

Recruiters have to search these talents and convince them to join their organization that requires strong convincing skills. When normal recruiter fails to recruit such candidate it is the right time for headhunters who can approach these successful candidates through headhunting techniques and pick up good candidates for the roles. 

For the top echelon of business people in many countries, headhunters are already on their trail, poised to alert them when an opportunity arises. For the rest of us, though, you can synergize with them as a partner when the time is coming for you to move to another company and get the better offer. They are the match-makers of the business world and they’re masters of their trade. 

Part 4. How to make your profile appealing on headhunters radar and get you headhunted? 

Here are the tricks based on my real life experiences
  1. Prepare a good resume and proofread it. Small mistake always matters for the most recruiter.
  2. Be visible, make yourself a presence in both social and professional communities
  3. Networking, pass out a business card, social connections often lead to professional opportunities.
  4. Cultivate Hobbies, cultivate interests that have the potential be prime networking opportunities.
  5. Work, being employed when you apply for new jobs gives you an advantage over out of work candidates. 
  6. Get On-line, create an online presence for yourself whether on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. And be vigilant about any comments made by friends as these could tarnish your image. 
  7. Say YES, for anything regarding your "looking for opportunities" statement. Any conversation with a recruiter, even he is an old friend should be considered an interview.
  8. Quantify everything. The basic value proposition to be a headhunter is number: money saved or earned. Be able to speak about accomplishment comfortably in terms of numbers.
  9. Remember the client. Remember, recruiter works for the hiring company, not for you. making a demand on his time is a big NO.
  10. Mind your manners. Be mindful of their time and always follow up with thank you note. 

To be headhunted via LinkedIn can be overwhelming and positive at the same time, everyone likes being in demand. When optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you’re essentially creating a professional online portfolio that can be discovered on the web.

In this article, I will cover a few things about Recruiter, which is the search platform in LinkedIn’s backend. I will also talk about some of the different elements you can optimize yourself, what makes recruiters run away and how appearance can be your ticket to a growing career.

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