How To Do Cold Calling

As a people-person (salesperson), cold-calling techniques are definitely a must have skills on your lists. Here, based on my experience as a salesperson and also a public communicator, I share 12 tips to do it successfully. 

Even sometimes, the best option is not doing a cold calling except making an appointment via phone. 
But if it is a must, you can relate to these tips. Be focused on initiatives and action, approaching someone professionally, openly, and meaningfully with a sensible proposition. 

To do cold calling:
  1. Pick your target (the right person to talk with) and research before a call
  2. Choose the right moment
  3. Come up with an engaging opener (i.e. 'how are you question)
  4. Do not sell in the first contact but *the most important thing is 'get her trust'
  5. Ask for compliances or suggestion about past experiences related to your company or products (*depends on the situation)
  6. Set your self apart, be unique and different (remember you're selling your self and solution)
  7. Draw them out, make them comfortable with you
  8. Show them that you're listening and understanding their feeling
  9. Be considerate about follow up (i.e. sending message or email)
  10. It is just a number of game, never give up and practice)
  11. Better to have a referral (i.e. someone you can relate to)
  12. Talk clearly, soft, and calm. 
Happy selling!

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