Just In Time Manufacturing (Part 1)

JIT: philosophy and techniques applied by a manufacturer to be more effective in managing their business and more efficient in planning and controlling their operations.

Just In Time (JIT)
Goal: Achieving High-Velocity Manufacturing
Philosophy: Elimination of waste and continuous improvement

Traditionally, Business competes on price, quality, variety, after service, etc. But modernly, the key competitive factor has become SPEED. The faster the business responds to its customers, the more profitable it is. The shorter the lead time in which manufacturer can supply its products, the higher the profitability that it will survive.

In High-Velocity Manufacturing everything is moving. Machines, people, funds, and materials are constantly moving. Therefore, inventories in storage or on the shop floor are moving inventories rather than sitting inventories. Inventories are stocked for a very short time and will move to other locations only moments after being stocked. The condition of high-velocity manufacturing includes flow manufacturing, line balancing, level schedule, and linearity.

  • Flow Manufacturing
Products are processed through a series of workstations arranged in a fixed sequence. The materials flow through each workstation at a constant production rate.

  • Line Balancing
Under this condition, tasks must be designed so that the work assigned to each workstation will require about the same amount of time to complete. There's no bottleneck and no buildup of work-in-process (WIP) inventories. For cases where bottlenecks are unavoidable, the theory of constraints (TOC) is applied.

  • Level Schedule
It sets the flow of material coming into and passing through the manufacturing system. Since the flow of materials must be even in a high-velocity manufacturing system, the schedule is designed to be level.

  • Linearity

Refers to a production at a constant rate or the use of resources at a level rate that is measured at least daily.

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