We Were Born To Sell

Hey, I challenge you to mention what kind of profession or task that does not need any sales skills? NONE right? This list was prompted by a conversation I had with my friend. He was contemplating the possibility of embarking on a new career in sales. It was something he has never done before but he didn't think it would be that hard. It made me reflect on how hard sales actually is but how easily other people think it must be. It is not as easy as it looks, and it’s not for everyone in the long run, but I do think it teaches valuable things that can make everyone a better person. 

  1.  it teaches you to listen more
  2.  it teaches you how to ask good questions
  3.  it teaches you how to care about people and to build a relationship
  4.  it teaches you humility
  5.  it teaches you when to let go
  6.  it teaches you to come up with creative solutions
  7.  it teaches you to deal with different kinds of people
  8.  it teaches you incredible work ethic
  9.  it teaches you to be proactive and create your own luck
  10.  it teaches you that salespeople are PEOPLE

Remember, we were born to sell and starting with understands that I hope you have a motivation to be a sales because it is already there. Naturally, you are a sales and by period and practice, you will also be a good sales. 

Every person wants people to notice and appreciate them and their attendance. People compete to offer their values to get a work, to get income, to get a partner, to get everything they want, and that is sales. From grocery-man, mechanics, insurance agent, consultant, doctor, teacher, banker, politicians, president, and yourself basically is a salesperson.

It’s often been said that everyone should work in sales at some point in career, and the earlier the better. Why? Well, it teaches valuable communication skills that can be used in every field, as well as how to negotiate, and shows you the value of persistence. If we learn from losing, we grow stronger and become winners in the end.

If you’re unsure whether you have what it takes to make it in the seemingly cutthroat world of sales, 
Here are seven reasons you should still give it a go.

  1. Greater career prospects. Sales positions exist in almost every industry as their core operation. As a successful salesperson, you will not only have a room for growth in your current company or industry but also room to move to others. You can take your expert sales skills wherever you go.
  2. Variety of spice in life, integrated skill, and art. There is a lot of body language and psychology involved in sales, and though every client is different, their game plan is the same. You’re trained to look out for signs of what a person is thinking and use that to your advantage in order to close a deal.
  3. You get paid to talk. If you could talk the leg off an iron pot, then sales are the perfect job for you.
  4. You get to build relationships. A key path to success in sales is to build relationships with your customers. People will be more likely to make repeat purchases if they like you. Remembering details about them can lead to big wins.
  5. You become a better listener. We all have two ears and one mouth for a reason, we should listen twice as much as we talk. In sales, it’s about listening to the needs and wants of your customer, regardless of what industry or career path you choose.
  6. It offers stability. If you’re good at sales and don’t have any trouble closing deals, then it can be a stable career option. Instead of getting a monthly salary, you will also get bonuses, incentives, and greater allowance than an office worker.
  7. You get to work for companies you believe in. This is automatically happening and it is a must. If you have a genuine belief that what you’re selling is worth the customer’s investment, you’ll have a much greater sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Every possibility can happen when you are involved is a sales world. The more you practice the luckier you get. There are no bad-salesperson but there are less lucky-salesperson. The best way to be a salesperson and understand sales skill is being sales and experiencing as much as possible.

Mind having a business someday? Maybe you need to think twice to take sales role.
Everyone agreed that the best teacher is mistakes and experiences. The fact is salesperson always have chances to meet the business owner, new people, and will have enormous exposure to the real business world with fewer risks. Since whatever happens is still covered by their company.

Which is better? Marketing or Sales?

In my opinion, there is nothing to be debated about which role is better. One thing that you should know is "To be a good marketer, you have to be a good seller". Based on my experiences, sales role can give you a lot of self-development as well as life-learning lessons. 

So many people unsatisfied doing their job because of monotonous circumstances and activities. On the other hand, sales profession is definitely dynamic and offer you a high mobility and fun learning day by day. Instead of watching computer every day, salesperson often travels to different places every day to strengthen and explore their networks. 

Selling and getting a purchase order is not a joke anymore if they enjoyed what they did. The salesperson tends to be a goal and relationship maker for the present and future opportunities. That's why sales are always in the most dynamic work balance than another profession.

Often, Three Out of Four Director in Company Have Sales Background.

Basically, everyone born as a leader and needs to be trained by experience and mistakes. Especially when they become salesperson who will work with no supervision. A salesperson only knows what's their goal, and followed by their company's goal. Except for major issues, they made the decision themselves, they learn everything on their own, they work mostly using their instincts, vision, and intuition, their persistence, and hard work are trained.

Furthermore, a salesperson is the one who knows everything happens in the business because they have to stay connected with every line of business process, such as accounting, finance, services, marketing, and legal with a proper portion. The leadership skill is infused here where salesperson supervises and lead himself. 

They connect company's need and client's need, to be fairly mediate and stand between two interest is never easy, it needs a great leader's skill. That is why you often found out that mostly the director, manager, and owner of an industry basically has a sales skill and experiences.

From my explanation above, there might be hundreds of reasons to not be sales, but there are always a thousand reasons and benefit to be sales. Technically, selling is the very basic skill in business. Having the most innovative process and the best product is still nothing without someone who can sell it. So, are interested being a salesperson now?

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