Global Consumers: The Balanced Optimist

Balanced Optimists prefer quality over quantity. They place importance on personal health and well-being and seek value for their spending.

Balanced Optimists are pragmatic consumers, usually cautious with how they spend their money and often looking to save rather than spend. Though Balanced Optimists are interested in a strong brand and premium features, they value low prices over these attributes. Brands and retailers that are looking to target this consumer type should, therefore, focus on being competitively priced.

Since they do not have a very strong brand loyalty, Balanced Optimists may also be likely to shift their purchasing habits depending on prices. They are therefore likely to resonate with discounts and sales as long as they believe that the products will be as effective as their usual purchases.

The Balanced Optimist is most likely to be influenced by traditional marketing channels such as loyalty rewards programmes, TV commercials and in-store advertising. Though Balanced Optimists only make impulsive purchases on occasion, these are usually seen as treats from themselves or gifts for friends and family.

Low prices on these kinds of items could facilitate more impulsive buying behaviour if they feel that they deserve to be treated and the price is right.

The Balanced Optimist values in-store shopping experiences but favours online platforms via tablet and computer. This could be because they are easily able to compare prices and products online to find the best deals. Clear price comparison and product features both online and in-store could facilitate a quicker purchasing decision and make Balanced Optimists’ shopping experience more convenient.

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