Global Consumers: The Cautious Planner

Cautious Planners are careful with their money and rarely make impulsive purchases. They are more comfortable with traditional methods of commerce and are less likely to use credit cards.
Cautious Planners do not enjoy shopping and carefully determine their purchases prior to making them. They are therefore unlikely to deviate from their usual purchases and make impulse buys. Though they are similar to the Secure Traditionalist in this respect, they do not place anywhere near as much importance on low prices as the Secure Traditionalist does. Instead, seeking their tried and tested products and having more loyalty to their usual purchases.

Cautious Planners are influenced by value for money, therefore offers of buying in bulk or multi-packs may resonate with this consumer type as they are likely to continue buying the same products in the future.

The Cautious Planner’s shopping habits are not likely to be influenced by marketing channels. If brands and retailers are trying to reach out to this particular consumer type the best way would be through traditional marketing channels, especially loyalty rewards programmes, TV commercials and in-store advertising.

Though Cautious Planners are unlikely to make impulsive purchases, if they do, these are usually aimed at buying treats for themselves or friends and family. Products that are seen as occasional luxury indulgences with good value for money could therefore potentially resonate with Cautious Planners and facilitate their occasional impulsive purchases.

The Cautious Planner favours making purchases and conducting research in-store more than any consumer type. Though they use online platforms via tablet and computer on almost an equal basis to in-store services, brands and retailers need to ensure that both online and in-store services are available to use.

The Cautious Planner usually carefully determines their purchases prior to making them and therefore rarely make impulse purchases or buy non-essential items. They tend to have a high loyalty to specific brands and products and therefore are less likely to sway between them and willing to pay more for a product they believe is worth the money. Brands and retailers might struggle to convince the Cautious Planner to try new products or brands. Yet, offers on usual purchases such as multi-packs or bulk discounts are likely to resonate with Cautious Planners. Though they do not regularly make impulsive purchases, Cautious Planners do treat themselves and family or friends on occasion if products are believed to be a good value for money.

The Cautious Planner uses in-store service for both research and purchase purposes more than any other consumer type. On the other hand, they use online platforms via tablet and computer almost equally to in-store services. Brands and retailers should, therefore, ensure that they have up-to-date services both in-store and online to ensure that they fit the Cautious Planner’s needs.

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