Global Consumers: The Conservative Homebody

Conservative Homebodies often focus on personal issues, such as home, family and spirituality. Not comfortable in the spotlight, they prefer to let others lead. Conservative Homebodies appreciate shopping but are not very image conscious or particularly materialistic.

Conservative Homebodies are cautious with how they spend their money and only occasionally make impulse purchases. Yet, they enjoy the shopping experience and value spending time browsing through stores. Brands and retailers may be able to attract more Conservative Homebodies to their stores if they provide a memorable and enjoyable shopping experience, which could lead to occasional impulse buys. This could include anything from unique experiences to fast, efficient and convenient check-out.

Conservative Homebodies are likely to stick to their usual purchases and are pragmatic in their decision making, considering value for money and price—usually choosing these two features over luxury or well-known brands.

The Conservative Homebody is likely to be influenced by both social media and traditional marketing channels, especially loyalty rewards programmes and TV commercials. Brands and retailers that have a clear loyalty programme could ensure repeat purchases if their offers are in-line with Conservative Homebodies money-saving mindset. A strong social media presence alongside this, especially including in-store experiences for their love of shopping could encourage Conservative Homebodies to make more purchases.

Conservative Homebodies do not often make impulse purchases unless they feel like they deserve to treat themselves. Though they do enjoy shopping, they value other experiences when they are on holiday and rarely seek shopping experiences while abroad.

Though Conservative Homebodies still regularly make purchases in-store, they do not use this channel as frequently as other consumer types. Instead, Conservative Homebodies frequently prefer to make their purchases online where they may be able to easily compare prices and make quick shopping decisions. Though these consumers enjoy browsing stores, brands and retailers should not neglect their online platforms and ensure that these are up-to-date and easy to use.

Providing unique, memorable and convenient shopping experiences both online and in-store are likely to attract the Conservative Homebody as they enjoy shopping and browsing products. Though they are likely to stick to their essential purchases, Conservative Homebodies are driven by price and value for money. Alongside an enjoyable shopping experience, if brands and retailers clearly outline how consumers can save money, this could facilitate more impulse purchases by Conservative Homebodies.

Although Conservative Homebodies appreciate shopping, they are not particularly materialistic—fairly regularly spending money on travelling and other experiences. Brands and retailers that provide loyalty programmes with clear money-saving objectives are likely to resonate with the Conservative Homebody and could ensure repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

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