Global Consumers: The Empowered Activist

Empowered Activists feel they can make a difference. They are concerned with global issues and, as a result, value quality and durable products to reduce their footprint.

Empowered Activists place a lot of importance on quality and durability of products. They are the most likely consumer type to seek value for money as well as strong and well-known branded products. Showing that though they are cautious about how they spend their money, they are willing to pay more if they believe that a product is of a higher standard and better for them personally or
the environment.

Empowered Activists also place a high importance on their own personal well-being as well as global issues and are highly influenced by green labelling and eco-conscious claims. Similarly, they are willing to pay more for these types of labels and claims which could also mean that Empowered Activists associate these labels with higher quality products.

Empowered Activists are likely to be influenced by many marketing channels, but they really resonate with social media and traditional channels, especially TV commercials and loyalty rewards programmes.

Empowered Activists make impulse purchases on occasion, especially if it involves treating themselves or friends and family. Since they do place some importance on their image and are likely to try new products, these consumers could be persuaded to make more impulse purchases if they feel that the products are a good value for money or feature the quality attributes they seek.

Empowered Activists are very high users of both in-store and online platforms, especially via tablet or computer. Brands and retailers need to ensure that both in-store and online platforms work together seamlessly to create an efficient and convenient shopping experience as they are used interchangeably for both research and purchase purposes.

The Empowered Activist actively seeks quality products when making purchases. This includes products with well-known brand names, premium features, as well as green and eco-conscious claims. Though they are cautious with how they spend their money, Empowered Activists also place a great deal of importance on value for money and are willing to pay more for features that they feel give them a better quality product, either for their own personal well-being as well as those around them.

Personal image and status are somewhat important to Empowered Activists, who are likely to try new products as well as keep up with trends. Though they do not make purchases often, they do treat themselves as well as friends and family if they feel it is deserved. They are worried about global issues and take green labels, as well as eco-conscious claims, take heart. Brands and retailers who comply with these views and have active CSR programmes alongside ethically sourced, produced and packaged products are likely to resonate with Empowered Activists.

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