Global Consumers: The Impulsive Spender

Impulsive Spenders, as the name suggests, are more likely to spend rather than save. They are eager to treat themselves and prefer to live in the present, rather than focus on the future. Impulsive Spenders are not very concerned with internet privacy.

Impulsive Spenders enjoy shopping, but do not necessarily enjoy spending money; they are relatively cautious and concerned with their money goes. Though they often make impulsive purchases and place importance on their image by following the latest trends, they are strongly driven by low prices on premium and well-known branded products.

Brands and retailers that are looking to target Impulsive Spenders should therefore clearly outline discounts or sale offers on luxury and well-known branded products as these are likely to resonate with this consumer type and further enable their impulsive nature.

The Impulsive Spender is highly influenced by social media, this includes posts by brands, companies or friends as well as brand and company ads on social media platforms. Brands and companies with a strong social media presence are therefore likely to influence the tastes and purchase decision making of Impulsive Spenders.

Impulsive Spenders are also likely to continue their impulsive shopping behaviour whilst abroad and often look for shopping experiences in their holiday destinations. Yet, their impulsive purchases are usually focused on treating themselves and they do not place as much importance on buying gifts for others.

The Impulsive Spender is a high user of mobile platforms for both research and purchase purposes. Brands and retailers can facilitate the impulsive behaviour of this consumer type by ensuring that purchasing platforms are linked closely to social media platforms and that all discounted offers on premium as well as well-known branded products are clearly outlined. This would make it as easy as possible for Impulsive Spenders to buy trendy and fashionable products at a low price.

The Impulsive Spender enjoys shopping, yet does not necessarily enjoy spending money. They are strongly influenced by cost and often seek low price as a priority feature for the purchases they make. Therefore, even though Impulsive Spenders are likely to make impulse purchases often and place importance on their image, it is the prize of finding a bargain, especially on premium and well-known brands, which really makes an impact on their decision making. Their impulsive behaviour is not only present at home; Impulsive Spenders often take this attitude with them while travelling—regularly seeking destinations with a shopping angle in mind. Nonetheless, they are much more likely to spend money on themselves than they are on others.

The Impulsive Spender is a strong user of mobile platforms for both research and purchase purposes. To ensure that brands and retailers are making the most of the Impulsive Spenders spontaneous purchasing behaviour, they need to make sure that mobile, online and in-store platforms are easy to use and clearly outline any sales, discounts and bargains. This could enable more purchases as Impulsive Spenders would be able to buy on-trend products at a low price.

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