Global Consumers: The Undaunted Striver

Undaunted Strivers are highly tech-savvy and image conscious. When shopping, they are interested in trying new things and often seek branded and premium goods.

Undaunted Strivers place a lot of importance on their status and image, often trying to replicate the latest trends and being interested in staying up-to-date with current styles. In order to achieve this, they enjoy shopping, prefer to spend money rather than save and regularly make impulsive purchases.

Undaunted Strivers are also likely to try new products and experiment with different brands, as well as seek premium and well-known branded items. Though they do look for low prices and value for money, they do not place as much importance on these features as other consumer types. Therefore likely to be willing to spend more money on products that they believe will enhance their image and status.

The Undaunted Striver is highly influenced by all marketing channels, and are most likely to be swayed by them compared to any other consumer type. Due to the importance, they place on their personal image and their tech-savvy nature, Undaunted Strivers are highly likely to be influenced by digital channels as well as social media. Social media and celebrity endorsements in particular showcase the latest trends and a lifestyle that Undaunted Strivers are looking to replicate.

Undaunted Strivers’ love for shopping and impulsive buying habits are not only seen when they shop for themselves but also when they are buying for others as well as deciding on holiday destinations.

The Undaunted Striver is a strong user of mobile platforms for both research and purchase purposes. Though they still use other online platforms and in-store services more than mobile services, their usage of mobile services has grown considerably over the past couple of years. Therefore brands and retailers need to ensure that mobile platforms are being kept up-to-date, perhaps even linking them to social media and digital advertising which could facilitate more impulsive purchases from the Undaunted Striver.

The Undaunted Striver is very image conscious and an avid follower of the latest trends. To keep up with changing styles, they enjoy shopping, try new products, seek well-known and premium products and often make impulse purchases. Though they do look for low prices and value for money they do not place as much importance on these attributes as other consumer types. Instead, they enjoy spending money much more than saving and even are willing to pay more for premium and well-known products as well as convenience.

Brands and retailers for luxury and premium products as well as those that encapsulate the latest trends are therefore likely to resonate with the Undaunted Striver, especially if they have a strong social media presence and celebrity endorsements. These marketing channels have a high influence on the Undaunted Striver as they are likely to feature lifestyles that Undaunted Strivers are looking to replicate. Keeping in line with their tech-savvy behaviour, Undaunted Strivers are high users of mobile platforms for both research and purchase purposes. Despite this, they are still strong users of shopping in-store as well as via computer or tablet. Brands and retailers should ensure that there is a seamless and convenient transition between all of these research and sales channels, to ensure that Undaunted Strivers can easily make purchases and facilitate their frequent impulse purchases.

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